Tuuluuwaq - Fearless

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Tuuluuwaq - Fearless


Loons are powerful, agile birds that catch small fish in fast underwater chases. They are fearless divers that must plunge into the dark the depths of lakes without knowing what dangers lie beneath them. They push their fears aside to hunt and survive. This bead is symbolic of the fierce spirit loons possess every time they dive deep below the water's surface. 

This set includes three handcrafted flameworked glass beads. The center focal bead comes with two dark brick red glass accent beads. The outside dimension of the focal bead measures approximately 16mm with a hole size of approx. 3.25mm. The accent beads are approx. 10mm with a hole of approx. 3.25mm.

**Please note that each bead is individually hand crafted and some slight differences will occur. Sizes and designs may vary slightly. Pictured chain is also not included but is available for purchase here.

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The Loon Collection
Through the misty sunrise on a northern lake echoes a sound that stirs profound emotions in anyone who hears it: the evocative cry of the Common Loon. The loon truly symbolizes the wildness of the north.

Since ancient times the loon has featured prominently in Native American mythology. In some Northwest Coast tribes, the Loon symbolizes tranquility, serenity and the reawakening of old hopes, wishes and dreams. Legend says that to see a Loon is a symbol of a dream come true or an answered wish.

Each of these beads was designed with the distinct black and white patterning and the stirring red eyes of the Loon in mind. The Loon serves as a prominent totem in the Inuit Eskimo culture, therefore each has been given an Inuit name and corresponding message.