Iris Creek

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DSC_7477 copy.jpg

Iris Creek


Iris Creek is not navigable by boat, but It flows between Iris Lake and the Madawaska River. Where the creek feeds into Iris Lake, there is an astounding waterfall, which is located just behind a campsite. When occupying this campsite, the music of the waterfall permeates one's consciousness with peace and tranquility. The rich marbled plums and blues of this bead visually infuses one's mind with the same kind of peace. The focal bead is etched to render a luxurious matte finish and includes two matte finished marbled plum accent beads.

The outside dimension of the focal bead measures approximately 20mm with a hole size of approx. 3.25mm. The accent beads are approx. 10mm with a hole of approx. 3.25mm. 

**Please note that each bead is individually hand crafted and some slight differences will occur. Sizes and designs may vary slightly. The pictured chain is also not included but is available for purchase here.

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The River Collection
Every river I have ever paddled brings forth its own individuality. What is true of each is that it can bring peace, reflection and wonder; from the smallest ripple to a towering wave, or from a meandering stream to a thundering rapid.

Just as each river is unique, so are the rocks that a river runs through, over or under. If you look closely, each rock has it’s own beauty, whether it’s the color, the shape, the sedimentary lines formed by millennium or the lichens that make them their homes.

The beads in this collection bare the names of some of the rivers I grew up calling “home” in Algonquin Park, Canada.